December 8, 2023

As one might imagine, these comments did not go over very well with slot gacor pragmatic play many people. Many perceived Jonathan Neman’s words as fat shaming. The torrent of online condemnation led Neman to eventually delete the infamous post. He then went into damage control mode. He arranged a town hall-style meeting to apologize to his employees and the public. Well, he sort of apologized. While acknowledging that he could have chosen his words more carefully, he qualified that he still believed in the “intent” of the message that much of the high COVID-19 death toll was due to obesity and that there are serious food and health issues that needed to be tackled.

Reaction to his half apology was mixed, with some employees offering their support and others criticizing the insensitivity of his statements. Neman described the incident as a “painful, painful lesson” and a “huge learning moment.” However, citing the obesity issue, he also said it started an important conversation, and he seemed to be contrite about the potential harm he may have done to the brand. While Sweetgrass overcame the scandal, the company recently drew more negative press attention after a group of Black and female employees working at seven of its New York stores announced a lawsuit alleging racial and sexual harassment.